Conflict Management


Sometimes conflicting parties’ circumstances dictate the need for something other than either a mediator or arbitrator. As a neutral third-party, Joe Durkee also serves in the following capacities:

Bringing conflicting parties to the point where they are ready to sit at the bargaining table.

Business Crisis Intervention
De-escalating conflict by working with the parties to identify the root cause(s), suppress the rumor mill, and if need be, to identify appropriate outside experts for further consultation. Business crisis intervention usually includes, but is not limited to, inter-departmental conflict, intra-departmental conflict, employee/manager conflict and peer to peer conflict.

Helping groups to discuss issues, reach decisions, explore shared objectives and accomplish tasks.

Fact Finder and Evaluator
By investigating the facts and researching the policies, rules or laws applicable to a situation and using the information as a basis for decision making. Large business divisions and Public policy disputants often require the services of a neutral third-party to serve as a fact finder and evaluator.

Commercial Mediation
Helping to resolve disagreements that occur in business relationships including land, materials, rights and contractual issues.

Public Policy Mediation
Aligning the interests of diverse parties for the common good of the community.